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Solvent-based ink In the advertising industry in the application has been more common, but Solvent Solvent-based inks in volatile, will pollute the environment and in Print The viscosity of ink solvent evaporation will increase as the blocking network. Network caused by loss of fine color distortion. At the same time also requires manufacturers to increase market competition, the printing accuracy. Cost-savings, labor protection and environmental protection. Known for green clean UV solid Of (uV) water-based ink is fast curing, curing equipment, small footprint, low energy consumption on-line stability, high efficiency, pollution, etc Therefore, advertising ink solvent ink from the ink and the water turned uV uV curing curing ink will be the development trend of the next few years. However, solvent-based ink in the ink in the process of turning uV, problems often arise because of uV no solvent evaporation after the printing ink, so the same printing conditions, uV ink ink ink ink film thickness is the thickness of the solvent 2 times for monochrome printing, will not cause any effect but color printing is different. Particularly in India and third, four-color, especially when the fourth color. Ink trapping, the ink film thickness increased significantly, resulting in uneven substrate surface, in Scraper Under the pressure of ink to the low-lying part of the diaspora. Cause dot gain increases occur because network problems caused by the hue distortion. Since there is no good solution. Hindered solvent ink curing ink to uV conversion process.

To solve this problem. U.S. NAZDAR (Korea Seda) developed to produce an advertising company dedicated uV screen printing ink?? Water HU000 Series UV inks It can solve the ordinary uV ink color dot gain caused by overprinting process color image is difficult to restore the technical problems. Much of the ink in the U.S. advertising industry's favor. Its features and technology are summarized below.

UV curable ink features (1) As the ink to add a certain amount of water and 5% Environmental protection Solvent. After curing evaporation. Ink layer thinning. So. It has the ink solvent ink dried thin advantages. Also has uV ink curing speed conducive to environmental protection advantages.

(2) applies to modern printing equipment. For example, the automatic continuous production network printer drum. Because of the low energy curing ink needs. Reduce costs and reduce the thermal deformation of the overlay substrate allowed failures. Hard surface while curing ink. With network density, high-definition color bright, shadow-free features of the external network. In particular, four-color printing. Have a good network sharpness, more suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising. Back lighting, such as advertising, pre-polish ad. (3) solid ink for the one component of light. Without NVP or heavy metals.

(4) color ink density. Can be used as a varnish to change the printing effect.

To adapt Outdoor advertising Color-rich features. Li-color screen printing up to four-color ad with two locations in the magenta ink (kind of bluish. A kind of reddish). Yellow of two points (one side green. A kind of reddish). There are outlets blue and black dot. Color graphics can choose the color requirement. To achieve better visual effect.

UV Curable Ink Screen Printing Substrates: in synthetic paper (such as YUPO, etc.), PS, rigid PVC, polyethylene, paper and card paper and the implementation of screen printing.

Scraper: hardness HS70 ~ go. . Additives preferably with the range of products. If Hu18O diluent Hu193 conditioning cream, Hu34g thinning agent, HU350 outlets such as varnish. Curing: poly mask with a medium pressure mercury lamp 200W / inch. Conveyor speed 2O m / minute.

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Advertising Screen Printing Ink Water

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This article was published on 2010/09/30