Analysis Of Thermal Ctp Technology Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Four

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One advantage of thermal CTP technology

1. High-quality (1) through the digital imaging plate can be printed version than analog imaging technology (CTF) more clearly sharpening the dot, dot shape and size of a closer and more sophisticated, can 300lpi screen lines down by 1% ~ 99% dot, dot can be as small as a few microns in diameter, the edge is very straight, very flat surface, you can optimize ink transfer.

(2) can achieve more accurate plate registration.

(3) there is no dust, film after the exposure such as knife handling.

(4) can use the FM network. FM screening to improve the Print Product quality and improve the effect on Mexico plays an important role. FM screening can produce a higher density, more smooth, level, more stable tone mesh, and affect the machine's network gain; FM screening moire difficult to form, so you can use more ink to print. Collection of small outlets than a large network has a longer side, the edge of the network would exceed the edge of the accumulation of ink, so FM than AM screening net increase of network gain.

(5) reproduction of a greater tone range (better able to reproduce the bright tones and shadow detail).

(6) smaller dot gain and more thick printing ink layer.

2. High aging through digital Chemical industry For processes to shorten the time of printing preparation phase;

revised version does not exist, apart from dirty process;

set by faster digital printer calibration;

shorter match time for ink (ink preset);

more realistic (shorter lead time). 3. Low-cost digital workflow can save materials, manpower and working hours;

save the film and film developing and fixing solution and punching machine investment;

page less waste, reducing the ink, fountain solution and paper consumption;

reduce the manual process of repairing, or burn out long standby caused by improved post-printing equipment and printing equipment utilization;

contribute to management, prepress, printing and finishing process of digital workflow (CIP3/CIP4), so that the whole work flow faster and more efficient.

4. High resistance to Indian forces

Thermal plate easy to wear, sustainable use for a long time. After drying version, anti-Indian forces could reach 100 million to 2 million and India.

II thermal CTP inadequate Thermal imaging technology has shortcomings, generally speaking the higher prices.

higher prices of thermal plates, thermal plates on the market price higher than the visible light imaging plate, PS plate than the traditional offset printing is more expensive;

exposure thermal plates require more energy than visible light exposure needed for plate to be large;

thermal system is also relatively high prices.

Short, thermal imaging technology for many years, thermal CTP technology maturity and stability has been accepted by the industry. Although the thermal CTP market is relatively stable, but there are many variables in the market a lot of thermal CTP and the CTP violet laser movements.

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Analysis Of Thermal Ctp Technology Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Four

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Analysis Of Thermal Ctp Technology Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Four

This article was published on 2010/09/22