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Electronic Ink Features and Application Electronic ink is an innovative new methods and information display technology. Like most traditional, like ink, electronic ink and change the color of the lines it can print to many surfaces, from bending plastic, polyester film, paper to the fabric. Differences between traditional paper and electronic ink changes color when in power, and can show changes in the image, like the calculator or cell phone as the display.

To the naked eye appears as a bottle of ordinary ink, electronic ink, electronic ink suspended in a liquid, but there are millions of tiny microcapsules. Each capsule interior is a mixture of dye and pigment chips, these small chips can be affected by the charge effect. In order to see the electronic ink microcapsules can Think of it as a clear plastic water polo. Contains several dozen water polo, table tennis, water polo is not within the charge into the air but the color of water. If you look at from the top water polo, we can see many white tennis suspended in liquid, so water polo looks white. View from the bottom of the water polo, you only see the color of water, so water polo looks black. If you put thousands of water polo into a container, and that these table tennis, water polo movement between the top and bottom, you can see the container in the change in color. This is the basic principle of electronic ink. In fact the water polo is 100 microns wide microcapsules. 1 square inch, approximately 100,000 micro-capsule contains. If a piece of paper printing ink, then a sentence containing more than 30 micro-capsules.

Electronic ink is a fusion chemistry, physics and electronics as a whole produced a new material. Manufacture of micro-capsule itself deals only with relatively simple chemistry, can be compared to making a salad dish! Microcapsules made of a resin material after being called. This material is the small solid particles, to bear the physical properties of liquid. So, like traditional ink microcapsules are suspended in liquid "containing media", but it will mount to the common ink can be used on any surface. And can be used to print the current screen printing technology. Print the microelectronics technology has changed the color of the ink particles and generated words and pictures.

The advantages of electronic ink Electronic ink has many advantages: including accessibility, flexible, easy to manufacture low-cost and low power consumption.

Compared with other display technologies, e-ink reflectivity and contrast better. They look like ink on paper, is that people read and feel comfortable when dealing with the media. In the light including direct sunlight feel some other display materials, light and difficult to read. On the contrary based on electronic ink display really easy to see and read. Because the electronic ink is soft, it can be used in the original display technology must be used to vigorous hard surface that can not be peace in the place. E-ink on paper can be used to produce books and newspapers like flexible display. It can also print to the cloth, or print to mobile phones and other appliances like the bizarre non-planar surfaces. Finally, unlike other electronic ink display technology to maintain the image of several weeks, and does not cost any extra energy. With other display technology, once the image can stay in one place, does not require additional power input.
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Features And Applications Of Electronic Ink - Ink, Paint - Silk Screen Printing Industry, Especially

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This article was published on 2011/01/25