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Spray process with the alternative?? Complex offset printing ink additives practical application throughout the country, in the alternative spray process achieved some success, and in the whole printing process and the overall (total) Print quality and After printing process, the achieved more satisfactory results to the user. On the other hand, according to feedback, blankets piled in the ink and sometimes some aspects of the problem.

HC printing network With Dusting Process alternative?? Compound Offset printing ink Additives in the practical application across the country, in the alternative Dusting Technology has made some achievements, and the whole printing process and the overall (total) print quality and finishing process, the achieved satisfactory results compared to the user. On the other hand, according to feedback information in the ink accumulation Blanket Aspects of some problems sometimes, especially on the issue now collate and analyze and answer the following.

Feedback (1) print to the 4000 or so, began to heap Mexican phenomenon, but the ink transfer machine system and the plates were not abnormal behavior.

(2) print to more than 5,000, occurred heap ink, otherwise normal.

(3) print 9000, everything normal, no heap Mexican phenomenon.

Analysis Ink resulting heap main reasons are: raw materials, environmental conditions and other factors. Mexican phenomenon heap certain law, in the event of problems, if carefully observe their development trends, changes progress, related to the location and extent of damage print quality, through the phenomena can be assessed and the following conclusions.

1. Clockwise heap Mexico Pile roller, stack plates, stack Blanket , From top to bottom of the heap Mexico, can be called "three groups" phenomenon. The main physical properties caused by the two individual, one ink drying too fast in itself or added too many dry oil (especially red dry oil), it will not only result in ink crust, but also raised ink texture and thicken; Second, the ink pigment particles coarser, heavier texture and so on.

2. Counterclockwise heap Mexico "Three groups" phenomenon began in the blanket of the reactor ink phenomenon is a performance by the two substances caused interrelated, one paper surface strength, and second, the viscosity of ink and adhesive. Of course, if the ink viscosity in the press on the greater value, then a different story. In the course of this problem occurs, the surface strength of paper and ink larger viscosity, viscosity compared to the decisive factor is the surface strength of paper.

Caused by ink emulsion ink heap, the first affected are printed version and the ink on the inking roller, and then to the two directions, on the fountain, the down to the blanket on and then transfer to the paper . Minor will not affect the ink emulsification, who will have a heavy blanket under the pile, the pile roller phenomenon, if the ink emulsion ink is too serious to be damaged structure, resulting in not printing. However, often overlooked is neither minor nor a serious progressive ink emulsification. No obvious signs of change began, when moisture content increases gradually and savings to a certain extent, they will build up little by little, the ink on the blanket. At the same time and then gradually transfer from the inking roller to transfer ink system, the phenomenon is slow roller on the ink layer thickness, but the impact is still not reached the degree of ink transfer and transfer. At this point, if not pay attention to adjust the ink-water balance, its root causes to misjudgment, inappropriate measures, the accident-prone.

Ink additives on lead-free powder ink accumulation problem blanket, feedback and relevant information to be more comprehensive, then through the demonstration to draw appropriate conclusions, based on the actual implementation of product features to improve the situation.

Two proposals (1) remove the components attached to the press on the residual dust. If you use powder-free ink additives, should eradicate.

(2) regular replacement Fountain Solution The same time, the elimination of sediment below the water tank, washing tank. Reverse development in the printing process is not only a "three stack" the unique phenomenon, Fountain Solution Also have this phenomenon, but has not attracted people's attention.
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Offset Printing Ink Additive

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This article was published on 2010/09/29